Technical Scientific Staff

Our group of scientists, technicians and researchers specialized in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology, Nanotechnology, Advanced Therapeutic Systems, Biology, Biotechnology and Medicine work hard to manufacture safe and high quality products. In addition, all staff is constantly trained, maintaining great, up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge.

Our personnel’s great scientific and technical knowledge goes hand in hand with the sophisticated infrastructure of our production plant that allows the manufacturing of high quality and reliable products.

Research and Development

Our chemical-pharmaceutical professionals constantly develop new formulations, analytical methodologies, research processes and work on continuous improvements of existing formulas.

Our modern pilot plant allows the Research and Development professionals to carry out all the necessary tests to obtain a pilot lot. All pilot lots strictly comply with national and international regulations which are then properly scaled to industrial sized lots, guaranteeing the quality and therapeutic effect of all our medicines.

Quality Control and Assurance Department

Our Quality Control Department strictly verifies compliance with all production and asepsis standards prior to the subsequent release of the product in each of its manufacturing stages.

Our Quality Assurance Department is governed by several activities organized with the goal of guaranteeing that our medicines possess the best quality required for their use.

Quality Assurance

  • Training

  • Execution and control of production

  • Control of documents and records

  • Processes change management

  • Supplier evaluation and development

  • Purchasing administration

  • Installation and maintenance

  • Validation of manufacturing methods

  • Control of measuring equipment

  • Distribution control



Currently, the group of companies to which PROPHAR belongs to, has several companies dedicated exclusively to the commercial and logistics area.  This company has many years of experience serving the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies in the country, all pharmacy chains and more than 2,000 direct customers, such as clinics, hospitals, wholesalers and distributors. All our commercial and logistics processes are certified under the international standard Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP).

Our Offer

We offer more than 300 products to the market. These include: tablets, coated tablets, extended-release tablets, capsules, soft capsules, dragees, syrups, suspensions, powders for suspension, among others.

We are manufacturers of the over-the-counter analgesic line «Finalín», one of the most successful and complete analgesic lines in Ecuador.

Additionally, we provide our research and development services, quality control, product registration and manufacturing for other institutions and private clients, with generic products as well as commercial brands.