We are a pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in research and development. We follow continuous improvement practices and we have state of the art technology and equipment. The optimization of our drug manufacturing processes are fundamental in order to provide our consumers with high quality and safe medicines.

 Our philosophy is to safeguard the health of society with high quality medicines, safety and therapeutic efficacy.

Our Growth

The pharmaceutical group gained presence in the Ecuadorian market at the beginning of the 1950’s. Throughout decades, and generations, after a considerable injection of capital and gradual expansion, we became one of the most important Ecuadorian manufacturers of generic medicines, and the manufacturer of the most popular analgesic line in Ecuador.

We are part of a group of companies that has consolidated around the pharmaceutical industry, which includes manufacturing, research and development, distribution, logistics, among other administrative and complementary services.

High Quality Products

At PROPHAR we manufacture high quality, safe, and proven therapeutic effect products.

We work with:

  • Imported raw materials that meet international standards
  • Process management under international ISO standards
  • Professional staff in constant training
  • The most modern research and development laboratory in Ecuador
  • Strict and reliable quality control under GMP norms